Outstanding Radio Stations

Funkhaus Berlin is well connected with The Radio Group which owns 18 radio stations throughout Germany including a large flagship in Frankfurt. These are the popular radio stations that listeners get close to! Not just for music, but travel information and travel shows as well.

Outstanding Listeners

Our listeners are young, dynamic people who love music and love to travel, too! Studies show our average listener receives up to six weeks vacation every year and looks for the most popular world destinations. They count on our radio stations to discover and explore the world.

Creative Radio Promotions

Since 1998 Funkhaus Berlin has specialized in media planning and creative radio promotions for all aspects of the world wide travel industry. Whether it's weekend short trips or extended vacations in foreign countries, Funkhaus Berlin can successfully promote your agency or travel service to our large audience of interested listeners.

We work with Airlines, Hotels, Visitor's Convention Bureaus, Cruise Line Operators, Travel Agencies, Countries, States, Cities, their PR Firms and literally all companies affiliated and associated with the travel industry. Then we broadcast your message or travel show on a network of popular German radio stations.

Funkhaus Berlin stands ready to create a radio campaign that will help your business succeed.